Why upgrade your emergency lighting to LED?

Many companies have an emergency lighting solution in place in case of a power cut. These systems are used to allow individuals to carry on moving around the building and safely make their way to the exits should they need to. Lit signage is often used in addition to back up battery powered ceiling or wall lighting.

The advances in technology over recent years have resulted in more and more people opting to use LED powered lighting for their emergency lighting solutions. LEDs have been used within signage for many years but because the technology has been developed and built on, they are now strong enough to power main lights and provide the lighting needed to help light the way to emergency exits and safety routes.

There are many reasons why LEDs are the best option when it comes to your emergency lighting solutions. First of all high quality white LEDs have dedicated optics so the light is directed to exactly where it needs to be, resulting in a higher optical efficiency than is possible from a conventional light source.

LEDs are also much more energy efficient than standard lights, and typically have a very long life-span often lasting up to ten times longer than incandescent lighting. They are very reliable and virtually unbreakable and work well in low temperatures so are perfect for businesses with refrigerated areas or outdoor areas that may need lighting.
The systems light quickly, a definite benefit when it comes to emergency lighting and due to the size of LED lighting they can also be used in lighting strips along corridors or stairways helping illuminate the way to the nearest exit.
So if you are running with an old fashioned emergency lighting system and are looking to upgrade LEDs can create a better solution for a fraction of the long-term costs.

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