Not only is it a requirement of most commercial businesses to have a planned fire and security maintenance schedule in place, it also makes sense to ensure that you are covered should the worst happen.

Evidence of up-to-date planned maintenance records will help ensure that your company is covered if the need arises for you to make an insurance claim. These important records also ensure that your building and assets insurance policy remain valid in the unfortunate event of an incident of fire or security. Periodic planned maintenance of your fire and security system also means that your system will remain in full working order, usually reducing the impact of a fire or security breach.

Unity Fire and Security have a dedicated professional team who can reduce the risk of potential faults, predict and repair faults and avoid the chance of unnecessary call out charges. We can agree a planned maintenance schedule that works for your company, ensuring that your system remains in good working order and fulfils its recommended lifespan.

Competitively priced maintenance agreements can be offered, which will provide the customer with the highest level of support and service. Within the planned maintenance agreement there will be periodic audits to ensure all documentation is complete and maintenance logs are kept accurate. All our planned maintenance is carried out and recorded to comply with the latest British and European standards.

Our highly skilled engineers within Unity Fire and Security’s maintenance team are qualified to cover all aspects of any fire and security system. These range from basic electrical wholesalers systems through to high-end closed protocol systems that other fire and security companies sometimes struggle to work on. The extensive product knowledge our team has built up has ensured that we have grown to become one of the leading providers of fire and security system maintenance. This is achieved through our dedication and continual investment in new and existing fire and security systems manufacturer training for our loyal and highly skilled team.

With a planned maintenance agreement from Unity Fire and Security you will save money and receive a customer service unlike any provided from larger fire and security organisations. Our engineering team is dedicated to providing a maintenance solution that works for each individual customer and offers an unmatched level of ongoing support, which we believe, is the cornerstone of our success.

To get a competitive planned maintenance quotation, call our experienced and approachable team today on 03333 66 00 46.