Security Assessments

If you have ever been concerned whether your premises is safe and secure enough then Unity Fire and Security can help you with this. We offer comprehensive security risk assessments that take into account all aspects of your internal and external building security.

We will identify the strong and weak points of security at your business premises using all our years of experience and technical knowledge. This will take in to account considerations such as the condition of your physical security, vulnerability levels of your main access points, commercial risk of your premises and the condition of your electronic security systems. We also consider the size and complexity of an organisation and the business operations that they perform on a daily basis.

From this point our security risk assessment team can provide you with the information you need to help increase the level of safety and security your business has in place. Many of our customers have benefited from our security risk assessments and often comment how they help raise their own awareness of the safety of their people and premises. The professional and experienced team of assessors at Unity Fire and Security offer impartial advice, which is backed by comprehensive professional indemnity insurance for added peace of mind.

Unity Fire and Security know through years of experience in this industry that security of buildings and people evolves with time. As a company we invest time to keep up with advancements in systems technology so we are well positioned to offer expert advice on the latest products on the market that will improve your security. Different and new security requirements can arise through buildings changing purpose and layout or company personnel coming and going and in most cases assessments should be reviewed and updated.

Following all our security assessments a full written report will help you put new achievable action plans in place should they be required.

Contact us to today to discuss a new security risk assessment or a review of your existing security action plans on 03333 66 00 46 or at