Monitoring Services

If you are a commercial business it is likely that you already have a fire alarm, intruder alarm or C.C.T.V. system installed to offer protection for your premises. Whether that is via a simple GPRS SIM only signalling unit or, as many insurance companies insist on, a Grade 2 or 3 dual path signalling unit.

Investment in the correct monitoring equipment can help prevent total loss of assets and structural damage to properties. This is because a remote fire and security monitoring system connected to a fully accredited Alarm Receiving Centre allows your company premises to be protected day and night. The Alarm receiving Centre can be instructed to alert key holders of a incident of fire or security at your premises or in some cases notify the local fire or police service to attend. Insurance companies now often state remote monitoring systems are put in place as a standard policy specification and our team is on hand to ensure those specifications are met.

Unity Fire and Security provide this 24-hour remote monitoring service for the systems we install and maintain throughout Lancashire, Manchester and Cumbria. The signalling units installed can range from basic digital communicators through to ultra-secure dual path systems that are being specified more and more by insurers.

Remote monitoring system technology has undergone many changes over recent years and Unity Fire and Security has ensured that every team member has been kept up to date with the latest products in the industry. From the leading independent manufacturers such as Webway and Emizon to the larger manufacturers of signalling equipment such as BT Redcare and CSL Dualcom, we have experience of installing and commissioning many types of units. Due to the fact we are independent of product manufacturers we are able to suggest the most suitable product to match your budget and requirements.

Traditionally fire and intruder alarm systems have been the most commonly monitored systems. In recent times CCTV remote monitoring has become more affordable and Unity offer this service to many of our customers. Once installed, you can access your CCTV footage at any time and have visibility of your premises from any location via your P.C. or mobile phone.

These cost effective services can be delivered through a full system package from us, or through an upgrade of your current system.

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