Intruder Alarm Systems

Unity Fire and Security offer fully bespoke, graded intruder alarm systems designed in-house to a professional standard. Our team of experts can offer impartial advice with regards to different manufacturers products and match your budgetary needs to ensure you have a intruder alarm system that works for you.

The type of system that works for you and your premises will depend on the level of security you require. Our professional engineering team have experience of installing Grade 2 and 3 systems in a range of commercial premises from offices up to large scale commercial industrial sites. Typically, this type of system would be required in medium to high risk properties to protect against intruders who are conversant with the system and hold a comprehensive range of portable electronic equipment. Our services have, on occasion, been required to install Grade 3 systems in larger domestic homes when the occupants have felt the need more robust security systems.

We can also provide Grade 1 systems where the security risk to the premises has been properly assessed and is thought to be less. This grade of intruder alarm systems are more suitable when the intruders are expected to have little access to equipment to disable the intruder alarm and a limited knowledge of the functions and operation of the system.

In addition to our in house design team we have a highly skilled team of engineers on hand to install the intruder systems, ensuring the whole time that the system products comply with British and European legislation and are installed within your budget and deadline.

Suitable for either domestic of commercial use our flexible planned maintenance intruder alarm packages can include an ongoing support plan and 24-hour emergency response from our conscientious team of engineers. For added peace of mind you could also benefit from connecting your intruder alarm system to the fully accredited Alarm Receiving Centre. This way you could be made aware of any breaches of security at your premises, 24 hours a day, allowing you to take a suitable course of action.

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