Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are a simple and cost effect way of internal communication with visitors at your premises. Unity Fire and Security have years of experience in choosing the type of system that will suit your company best depending on whether you regularly need to verify visitors, or if you’re a high security site. If you operate an open door policy, anyone is able to enter your building, sometimes without the correct authority to do so. This can lead to these unauthorised people putting themselves at risk due to a lack of knowledge of your safety procedures in case of emergency. In other circumstances the person could be entering with malicious intentions and in this case they might pose a direct threat to your people or premises.

The quality of different manufacturers intercom systems is often vast and choosing the wrong system can very quickly lead to technical problems. The main consideration should always be how often the intercom system is going to be used and whether it can stand up to the demands placed on it. Through our years of experience and technical knowledge we can help you choose the intercom systems that will best suit your businesses specific needs.

The quality intercom systems that Unity Fire and Security install easily connect two or more points within a building enabling seamless communication from point to point. Most often these intercom points are placed at doors to allow access to visitors without the need for someone to constantly monitor the door. From the simple audio only system or the audio visual type through to larger I.P. based intercom systems. All types are effective but if cost is a major consideration then an audio only system might be better for you. Video can be very helpful as it can be recorded and used in conjunction with CCTV footage to identify visitors, and most importantly anyone who should and shouldn’t be in the building.

As well as designing and installing these systems, Unity Fire and Security can provide an ongoing planned maintenance package to ensure the system achieves it’s recommended lifespan and is always in good working order.

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