CCTV Systems

CCTV has become an accepted part of everyday life but the technology behind it is changing and improving constantly. It is certainly the fastest moving technology within fire and security industry and at Unity Fire and Security we move with it.

CCTV systems can be put in place to monitor and protect your premises and often act as a useful deterrent to potential intruders. In addition to security support, CCTV allows building owners and employers to monitor health and safety practices within the workplace, preventing accidents, increasing safety records and improving employee productivity.

Unity Fire and Security design and install traditional analogue systems or more modern systems using Internet Protocol (I.P.), both incorporating remote monitoring capabilities allowing you to access your system 24-hours a day from wherever you are. There are advantages to both types of systems and Unity Fire and Security can help you decide which one would best suit your needs.

With the analogue systems we provide you can now have high definition picture quality over co-ax cable offering top quality, high-end systems at competitive prices. Analogue systems work well when the customer knows that they won’t be looking to greatly increase the chosen quantity of cameras in the future. With analogue systems this can often mean new control equipment is required and with this type of CCTV technology it isn’t as easily expandable.

The ease of installation through additional local network points onto an existing data network means that with an I.P. system you can easily expand the number of cameras. As the data from I.P. systems is transmitted digitally any recordings can be viewed on the internet, allowing for multiple locations to utilize the same N.V.R. data. When it comes to ease of installation the I.P. system cameras can have added functionality like the ability to use P.T.Z. commands without the need for an extra cable like you would need for an analogue camera.

These days the ability to remotely monitor sites and buildings through CCTV is not as costly as it once was. Historically CCTV was reactionary, an employee or director monitored events in real-time and the system stored past video feeds for review to reconstruct the events. Now there are video management systems that use software to monitor multiple camera feeds and detect potential situations developing before they actually occur.

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