Access Control Systems

Many businesses want, and in some cases need, to control the access to their premises through lockable doors and monitored access points. The requirement can arise for various reasons such as identifying and controlling the number of people within your premises at any single point in time. Safeguarding your own people from unauthorised persons entering your building is also very important to most business owners. This can also provide a sense of comfort and reassurance for people working within your organisation.

All these reasons can, through technology, be incorporated into an access control system where keycards, fobs and other means of identification are used before access is granted to an individual. Identity management through access control systems is now a crucial part of ensuring the safety of your people and property.

At Unity Fire and Security we can design and install access control systems suitable for your needs whether that is a single door intercom system, a multi-door proximity system or a sophisticated bio-metric recognition system. We are also experts at integrating your access control systems with your other fire and security systems as is often necessary in order to stay compliant with current legislation.

All of our high quality access control systems are designed and installed to your specific company needs and within your set budget.

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