Gas Extinguishing Systems

In certain cases fire alarm systems are adequate to provide the earliest possible warning of fire within a premises. Gas extinguishing systems can provide further protection within rooms were there are items of equipment that are critical to the operation of your business. They are most commonly used to protect central server equipment that is vital to the running of customers businesses.

Gas extinguishing systems use inert gases such as Argonite, Novec or FM-200 to suppress fires in a matter of seconds once they have been detected. The gas is stored in pressurised cylinders or bottles and released through the pipework after being discharged into the protected area through nozzles. The gases argon then reduce the amount of oxygen in the air which quickly starves the fire until it is extinguished. This means there is minimal damage, if any, to the equipment that they are designed and installed to protect.

Unity Fire and Security can carry out integrity tests within the rooms that are to be used as the protected area to decide the suitability. We can then design and install a system that is a stand alone system or integrates into your existing fire alarm system depending on your specific requirements. We also offer ongoing support through our flexible planned maintenance packages carried out by our highly trained engineering team.

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