Disabled Refuge Systems

Since the introduction of the Equality Act 2010 all companies must provide suitable means of escape for their employees in the event of a fire. Disabled refuge systems are designed to be installed in safe places, where in the event of a fire, wheelchair-restricted members of staff can easily escape to a safe area.

Some businesses or organisations incorporate ramps or carry down methods within their buildings fire action plans. However sometimes spaces on higher levels must be reserved for use as disabled access refuge areas to keep people safe. In many cases this will be an emergency exit door leading to an outside space on the ground floor or stairs leading down to ground level on higher floors.

At Unity Fire and Security we can advise on the type of systems that are required to be installed and commissioned for people with disabilities so they can exit a building safely in case of a fire.

We have installed many disabled refuge systems that allow for two-way communications between the refuge area and building control so that any individual using the refuge area is kept in constant communication. Due to current legislation, the systems we install have now become a legal requirement in many new builds.

If you have a requirement for a disabled refuge system contact our team of experts on 03333 66 00 46 or at unity@unityfands.co.uk