Can false alarm management save you money?

When you are experiencing false alarms from your fire or intruder alarm system it has a serious impact on your business. It costs you time and money and can often lead to complacency in the event of a genuine alarm, warning of fire or security incident. Work is halted and your people are evacuated until they have been cleared to return to the building. More often than not there is a requirement for the emergency services to attend to your premises, be it the fire service or the police which takes them away from genuine emergencies. False alarms can be even more of an inconvenience if they happen outside of your normal business hours especially for the person responsible for attending to the matter.

Lost production and time paid for non-working staff are probably the most prominent costs that come to mind when thinking about false alarms. Directors and managers will always be concerned about the disruption that false alarms cause to their staff and production but there are also other important factors to consider.

Too many false alarms at your premises can cause can cause your business to be charged or have your emergency response withdrawn by the fire and police services. This in turn will trigger an increase in your insurance premiums or in some cases your insurance policy being deemed invalid. This is why the sensible solution is to look into having a comprehensive false alarm management review from Unity Fire and Security.

False alarms can be caused by a variety of elements from simple environmental factors like air pollutants such as dust, animals or obstruction of the detectors. Then there are the human error factors such as failure to train authorised users of the system, incorrect key code entry and failure to check doors and windows are secure. Sometimes the issue is linked to the fire and security equipment, which could be faulty and prone to false alarms due to a poor maintenance service.

Working with leading companies across Lancashire and the North West, our false alarm management solutions have been proven to help avoid the expensive additional costs.

At Unity Fire and Security, we work hard to ensure that the cause of a false alarm is located, accurately recorded and resolved so that the problem doesn’t occur again. If it is an environmental factor we can help you identify it and address it. If its human error, we can provide full user training courses for your fire and security system and show your company how to use it. If the problem lies within the fire and security equipment we can provide a full maintenance and repair check for you.

Our planned maintenance agreements are flexible and cost effective so get in touch with Unity Fire and Security today to discuss your false alarm management requirements.