Can false alarm management save you money?

When you are experiencing false alarms from your fire or intruder alarm system it has a serious impact on your business. It costs you time and money and can often lead to complacency in the event of a genuine alarm, warning of fire or security incident. Work is halted and your people are evacuated until…

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Which fire extinguisher will meet your needs?

Fire extinguishers should be accessible at all times within a commercial business property. However sometimes its difficult to know exactly which fire extinguisher will work best for each area within your property. To understand the needs of your property you must first look at each different type of fire, as determined by ‘class’ and the…

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Why upgrade your emergency lighting to LED?

Many companies have an emergency lighting solution in place in case of a power cut. These systems are used to allow individuals to carry on moving around the building and safely make their way to the exits should they need to. Lit signage is often used in addition to back up battery powered ceiling or…

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