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Unity Fire & Security
Unity Fire and Security is a Lancashire based business with over 30 years’ experience of providing professional, compliant systems and services for the fire and security industry.

At Unity Fire and Security we have an expert team who are dedicated to our continued company growth and success. This means we are able to offer up to date, expert advice to enable us to meet all your business fire and security requirements. From risk assessments and design through to installation and planned maintenance our customer support is second to none.

Due to our position as a leading independent fire and security service provider we value the reputation we have built up with our customers. We work hard to deliver complete solutions for clients across the Preston and Blackburn areas, in addition to those further afield in Lancashire, Manchester and beyond.

We always put our customer’s needs first, providing outstanding customer service and ensuring your needs are met from the initial site survey and design stage all the way through to installation and commissioning. We also offer a planned maintenance packages that includes a 24-hour responsive call out and remote monitoring service so you know you are in safe hands, no matter the hour.

Unity Fire and Security strives to meet the fire and security requirements of businesses across the North West, from Preston to Manchester and Liverpool. We pride ourselves in the knowledge that our customer base grows thanks to the dedication we have to our values of safety, solutions and service.

We have a skilled engineering team who always work with safety in mind to achieve our goals. Our experienced in house design team take pride in proposing the best solutions through their extensive product knowledge. We have a fantastic customer service team whose attention to detail ensures the highest standard of work is delivered every time for our valued customers.

Our expert team constantly keeps abreast of the changing legislation within the industry, so you can rest assured that your fire and security systems and their planned maintenance packages will comply with all the latest British and European standards.

Contact us today to discuss your fire and security needs with our friendly team of experts on 03333 66 00 46 or at

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